100 months of Hedge!

100 months of Hedge!

This month, it's 💯 months since we came to the scene with a wee app called Hedge. Man, a lot has changed since 🤩

To celebrate, we're going to do something special:

This month only, every license purchased or extended gets an additional 12 months of updates and support for free.

And it gets better!

On Aug 1st, we will raffle off one hundred $100 Hedge Funds to all July customers!
Because Crazy Bob says so.

All the goods:

Already have one or more licenses? Use the License Manager to extend!

Fine-print alert! Because there always is some:

  • No, you can't trade in your free 12 months for cash.
  • Every purchase qualifies as a raffle entry. Multiple purchases? Multiple entries.
  • Only purchases made without a promotional discount are eligible for the complimentary 12 months and as a raffle entry.
  • Got a sizable Hedge Fund? Remove it during the checkout, as it counts as a discount. We won't be pedantic about a few bucks, so consider $10 the cutoff.
  • ScopeBox and PostLab 2.0 are not included. ScopeBox isn't for technical reasons, and PostLab 2.0 isn't simply because it's not yet released.
  • To stay sane, we'll bulk-add all complimentary 12 months on August 1st – not before!

That's all, folks! Enjoy the Summer 😎