Hedge turns one today!

(with charts 📈)

Hedge turns one today!

(with charts 📈)

Today, it’s been exactly one year since we released Hedge 1.0, and what an amazing year it has been.

Grown from the seeds of an AppleScript, custom-built for a Dutch documentary, Hedge has turned into a hugely popular data handling app, used every day by thousands of video professionals worldwide.

To us, a year of Hedge proves there is room for great design and usability in this very technology focused world of video production.

Building a startup can feel ambivalent: without a reference you have no idea if you’re doing well. You can easily feel both failure and succes at the same time, all the time. It’s strenuous, not just for us but for our families too.

That’s why it has been instrumental to receive so much support, feedback and confirmation that we’re onto something here. It has truly changed our lives, and we’d like to thank you for that 🙌

Off the charts

It’s good startup tradition to share a metric after a year of traction. Preferably one that’s off the charts, accompanied by superlatives 😉

Well, we’ve got a nice one to share with you.

During our public beta in February ’16, about 1o TB was imported with Hedge. So one month after releasing Hedge 1.0 we were pretty happy with the few hundred users that used Hedge to copy 110 TB and send us a truckload of feedback 👍

Total amount of data imported with Hedge in its first 2 months, in TB

Barely 6 months in, we crossed the 1 petabyte mark of data backed up with Hedge. Minds were blown 😳

Total amount of data imported with Hedge in 6 months, in TB

Exactly today, on Hedge’s first birthday, we reach an even bigger milestone: 10 petabytes of backups have been created with Hedge so far 😍

Total amount of data imported with Hedge in its first year, in TB

What took us half a year to achieve now takes little over three weeks. That’s just too much data to even begin to fathom how often Hedge is used and loved, and it really humbles us.

What’s next?

From the original two-guy crew we’ve grown into a team of four, with a total of ten people working on Hedge on and off.

Last year we released 17 updates but we feel we can do better. You can expect a lot of new things. Presets? Yes. Fast Lane for networks? Ready. Folder management? Working on it. Reports? Yes. Pause and resume? Coming. But all that’s just the start.

We’ll be announcing two new products at NAB next month. Before that we have two updates planned for Hedge, and the release of Checkpoint. If you want to stay in the loop, subscribe to our emails here.

Thank you all for the support, feedback and of course the unbelievable amount of transfers done with Hedge.

Apparently the sky is the limit 🚀

Thanks 🙌

Jeroen, Roelof, Bruno & Paul Matthijs