Press Release: Mimiq Pro introduces Workspaces with Quantum StorNext

Press Release: Mimiq Pro introduces Workspaces with Quantum StorNext
Mimiq Pro & workspaces with Quantum StorNext

Bin-locking technology at your fingertips without the need for a NEXIS

At NAB 2023 we announced Workspaces for Mimiq Pro. Mimiq has long been established as the solution for editors and post-production facilities to truly liberate Avid Media Composer from expensive, proprietary storage. One of the most important features of Media Composer is the ability to use bin locking to protect work in a network storage environment. Mimiq enables support for this functionality on practically any storage device. If users are considering a switch to Media Composer or would like to run Avid software alongside other NLEs, they can use Mimiq to do so without the need to overhaul their existing infrastructure. With Mimiq, customers are free to choose their preferred storage and build a system that supports their specific needs. Mimiq supports SMB, NFS, and AFP connections, and Mimiq Pro adds support for Quantum StorNext™, a leading shared storage file system used by broadcasters, studios and post-production houses around the world, to that mix.

With the recent release of Workspaces, users are now able to mount folders on block-based storage to create shares that Avid Media Composer recognizes. This opens up the use of bin locking or shares from being limited to network storage to now use high-performance shared storage like Quantum StorNext. With Workspaces, users can define multiple mount points on the same storage array. We’re very excited to be debuting this technology at NAB and cannot wait to see how it will transform the way our customers work.

“At last editors and post-production facilities can easily add Avid Media Composer projects to their shared storage environments powered by Quantum StorNext. With Workspaces on Mimiq Pro, it's easy to set up shared folders and mounts for Avid Media Composer and run Media Composer alongside other NLEs right on their existing infrastructure. This unlocks the ability for these teams to migrate older projects off of ageing storage, archive and retrieve completed projects within StorNext and dramatically streamline their operations. The once impossible - is now possible" Hedge CEO - Paul Matthijs

With this release, Mimiq Pro is now qualified for use with StorNext, bringing bin locking to Quantum’s industry-leading SAN solution. We’re very excited to be announcing this collaboration whilst offering free trials and engaging with customers that are looking to add this functionality. Mimiq Pro is available to purchase now from USD $499.

“The team at Hedge is well known for developing powerful workflow tools that surprise and delight media creators and editors. We’re excited that Mimiq’s bin-locking solution supports Quantum StorNext volumes, allowing editing teams and post-production facilities everywhere to integrate Avid editing capability in their production environments” Andy LeSage, Vice president of worldwide sales engineering for Quantum.

To learn more about Quantum StorNext, click here.

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