Hedge, then SCRATCH

Hedge, then SCRATCH

It's been a while since we've launched a new integration, but behind the scenes we've been working on a bunch. Today we release the most time saving one by far: SCRATCH.

With Hedge 21.2, Hedge can be set up to automatically load all backed up footage into your SCRATCH project, ready for QC, audio sync and look matching.

Over at Assimilate, Mazze made a nice video on how to set up both apps, and how it saves you a gazillion clicks. Recommended watching 👇

Using the new integration is pretty straightforward, but of course we have full documentation available:


There, you'll also find brand new documentation for all other integrations.


For all existing users that have both SCRATCH and a Hedge license that's eligible for updates, the new Scratch integration for Hedge is available immediately. If your Hedge license doesn't include the 21.2 free upgrade, renew your license.

For those that do not yet have SCRATCH, together with Assimilate we've created a amazing bundle: DIT Pack+. Use the coupon hedge2dailies at checkout for a 35% discount 🤯

Already a Hedge user? Get the pack, and we'll add a year of updates to your license. Just tell Assimilate, and it shall be done.

Hedge's integration with SCRATCH is available immediately on macoS and Windows.