The yearly trek has begun, a few weeks earlier than the last couple of years, so the inevitable question comes up: can I update to macOS Sonoma?

Heralded as mostly a visual update to macOS, there are quite some changes under the hood but those don't affect end users that much, we think. When it comes to our apps, updating to Sonoma is good to go 🚀


  • There's a minor update available to all users who's license is eligible for version 23.1. Either update in-app, or use the direct download:
  • If your license is not eligible for Hedge 23.1, to use Hedge on Sonoma extending your license is recommended. For $69 you'll gain Sonoma support, and a free upgrade to the very-soon-to-be-released OffShoot app. You can extend your license in the License Manager or in-app.


  • We released the 23.1.1 update to EditReady yesterday, this adds support for the iPhone 15's new Apple Log footage, plus a lot more. If you're on Apple silicon, you'll want to grab that update anyway to make the most use of your hardware:


FoolCat, ScopeBox, Mimiq & Canister

  • All good, no updates needed.