Hedge IBC 2023: Press Release

Hedge IBC 2023: Press Release
Hedge IBC 2023 Press Release

Bring your own workflow

Hedge has always built tools for digital filmmakers, and at IBC2023 on booth 7.A32, we will be showcasing our latest product releases and demonstrating how they can be combined to best support your production.

Our range of software has never been more comprehensive or as tightly integrated across various stages of the creative workflow. From copying original camera files (OCF) to sharing projects during the edit and maintaining LTO archives, you can be confident that Hedge has a solution for you - just bring your own workflow and we’ll help you take it to the next level.

OffShoot is Ready to Go

Following the announcement of our transition from the Hedge application to OffShoot earlier this year, our team has been fully immersed in a customer-engaged beta track. The feedback we have received from the testers has been phenomenal and helped further refine the release. We will be showcasing OffShoot at IBC ahead of its official launch in October.

To support a wider range of customers, we are making the software available in several versions: OffShoot Solo (for iPadOS), OffShoot and OffShoot Pro. This means users will be able to choose the version with the features that best suit their needs. The all-new OffShoot features an updated UI, whilst the Pro version adds support for AWS S3 cloud storage, scripting, an API and Codex 7, which introduces compatibility for the latest ARRI Alexa camera formats. It also marks the debut of both our new floating license model and Connect 3, the next instalment of our universal push notification system.

OffShoot contains the most used features and functionality. It’s targeted primarily at users who want to experience accelerated data transfers and use verification to ensure each copy is secure. OffShoot Pro has been designed to support specialised tools and advanced workflows.

With the release of OffShoot, we will be moving towards floating licenses to provide our customers with the most flexibility and control over their license costs. A floating license ensures you will always have a copy of OffShoot to hand.

Besides automation and Codex support, OffShoot Pro enables Amazon S3 transfers. For the first time, it’s possible to transfer OCF media to cloud storage, fully verified. This new feature creates a direct possibility for productions to enable cloud workflows, to become a part of broader media workflow initiatives within AWS (Amazon Web Services). This is a significant advancement for OffShoot and Hedge that further cements our ability to support production workflows across every level of the industry.

With Connect 3, we have created a cloud-based notification system that we can integrate across our entire product line. Use the web interface to monitor transfer status on every instance of OffShoot you manage, wherever it is located. For large organisations, this means tracking footage across numerous locations and better coordinating of resources.

OffShoot will be available as a free update for all customers with active support for the current Hedge application, with an upgrade path available for all other customers.

Automated Workflows across Hedge Applications

As part of our IBC2023 showcase, we will be demonstrating how scripting can be used to create advanced workflows. You will be able to experience first-hand how our software can be used to create an automated proxy workflow using OffShoot Pro, FoolCat, EditReady and the new Amazon S3 integration. You can see this in action at the Hedge booth (7.A32) and the AWS booth (5.C90) during the exhibition.

Mimiq Introduces New Storage Vendor Partnerships

The latest release of Mimiq continues our quest to liberate editors from proprietary storage. With Mimiq, you can use your preferred storage vendor and build out a system for your needs. Mimiq supports SMB, NFS and AFP connections, as well as LucidLink, an innovative next-generation cloud storage solution. Mimiq Pro adds Workspaces, which will allow you to mount folders or shares from a wide range of NAS, SAN and DAS systems. With Workspaces, you can define discrete mount points on a storage array and use Mimiq to enable bin locking no matter your storage.

The latest version Mimiq also introduces Project Licenses. This is an alternative to a subscription model, which allows you to maintain rolling costs from month to month allowing you to synchronise with monthly Media Composer costs, without being tied to a yearly or perpetual license.

At IBC2023 you will be able to see Mimiq in action with Quantum (7.C41), Qumulo (7.C05) and iodyne (7.A32). In partnership with iodyne, we are also announcing the first instance of the Open Workflow Bundle. Designed as a scalable solution for small workgroups, the bundle provides direct attached Thunderbolt networking that is blistering fast, easily scalable for increased capacity and able to support copper-based expansion to fit into your existing network fabric.

PostLab Technology Preview

We will also be showing a technology preview of the new PostLab at IBC2023 - our collaboration application for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. This next-generation release adds support for a whole range of creative apps, adds Event Locking for Final Cut Pro and spins out DropOff, a new way for collaborators outside a team to upload files directly into a LucidLink Filespace.

The original version of PostLab was designed to facilitate collaboration between editors working with Final Cut Pro. Now with Event Locking, we are able to offer an unprecedented degree of granular control to Final Cut Pro editors. The new version of PostLab will be available as a public beta later in the year.

Many of our customers have been early adopters of LucidLink, and with DropOff, we are introducing a new, secure method for them to receive media in LucidLink. Send out a custom link and the recipient will be able to use a web interface to drag-and-drop content to deliver assets directly to your Filespaces.

Canister Modernizes LTO

LTO continues to provide an affordable, local backup and archive option to many of our customers. The new version of Canister includes support for our Connect 3 notification system and we will be releasing Canister for Windows in October.