FAQ: From Hedge to OffShoot

FAQ: From Hedge to OffShoot

All questions that have been asked so far, and the answers to them ✅

I already have a Hedge license, how do I get OffShoot?

If your license is eligible for updates until or beyond October 1, 2023, your license automatically becomes an OffShoot license. You can update your Hedge to OffShoot, and continue using your existing license key.

If your license is not eligible for updates on October 1, 2023, you'll need to extend your license to be able to update to OffShoot. You can do so in-app, or in the License Manager.

What does extending my license cost?

Extending a license is $79 per activation.

What is this Floating thing?

Floating licenses are licenses with a single activation that "floats" between your computers - when you open OffShoot on one, the activation floats to that computer, temporarily deactivating the others. This way, you don't have to manually move your license between computers.

Do I want floating?

If you are working alone, but have multiple computers, floating is for you. If you need to use OffShoot on multiple computers at the same time, you will need multiple activations on your license.

What changes for multi-seat licenses?

Nothing, they work the same way in OffShoot as they used to work in Hedge. Your seats are now simply activations. In the future, we'll bring floating to these licenses, allowing you to register more devices than your license has activations.

What happened to the Company License?

Company licenses were Hedge licenses with more than 1 seat. Licenses now simply have one or more activations. If you had a company license, you now have a license with multiple activations.

What about the Emergency Activation?

Each Hedge license came with an additional activation in case of emergency. Thanks to floating that's no longer needed so we promoted all Emergency Activations to full activations, for free.

Why is there a Pro version of OffShoot?

As Hedge matured more and more, we found ourselves working on features that only benefit a small set of our customers, but are expensive to build. We think it's fair that only those that benefit pay for those features. Here's more on the subject:


What does upgrading to Pro cost?

Upgrading a license to Pro is currently discounted to $49 per activation.

Can I upgrade and extend at the same time?

Yes, and it's discounted even more: for a limited time, upgrading and extending a license is only $99 per activation.

I can't seem to reduce my activations to 1 in the Extend Checkout

That likely means you currently have multiple machines activated with your license. Best to go to the License Manager (https://account.hedge.video) and deactivate all but one. Then you'll be able to drop the license to 1 activation, which enables the floating functionality for your license.

Will my settings and presets still work?

Yes, all settings and presets are carried over from Hedge to OffShoot.

I'm using Codex, do I need to upgrade to Pro?

Only if you're using Codex Device Manager 7 or newer. If you're using an older Codex version, you can continue using the latest Hedge version available (23.1.2) with the same license key.

How do I upgrade to Pro?

In OffShoot, go to Settings > License and hit Upgrade to Pro, or go to the License Manager, log in with your email or license key, select your license, then hit Upgrade to Pro.

I wrote my own scripts, do I need to upgrade to Pro?

Show us your script; we'll share it with the community and get you a complimentary upgrade to OffShoot Pro for free. Limited to a value of $99, sufficient for upgrading 2 activations. If you have more activations on your license, reach out.

I'm using off-the-shelf scripts, do I need OffShoot Pro?

Yes, you'll need the $49 upgrade.

Will my existing scripts work?

Yes, but you'll need an OffShoot Pro license.

Where can I download the last version of Hedge?

All previous releases are (and stay) available in our docs: https://docs.hedge.video/hedge/releases

Can I run OffShoot and Hedge next to each other?

OffShoot replaces Hedge on install. If you really really really need to use both (never at the same time!) the trick is to move Hedge out of /Applications temporarily, install OffShoot, and move Hedge back into /Applications. Do so at your own risk.

Still got questions? Let us know: support@hedge.video