Hedge Integrations: ParaShoot

Hedge Integrations: ParaShoot

New in Hedge 17.13

Because workflows are never a one-app affair, we’re introducing a new concept to Hedge: Integrations.

With Integrations, you hook up multiple apps in your workflow, so you don’t have to connect all those time-consuming dots yourself.

Today, we release our first integration on the Mac: ParaShoot.

Kicking off

The ParaShoot AppleScript we released a few months back has proven to be pretty popular. Still, scripts can be finicky, so a proper integration is a lot nicer to have.

ParaShoot allows you to “erase” a card after import, and then eject it. “Erase,” because it doesn’t actually erase anything; Parashoot merely alters the partition table, so your camera will see it as “in need of formatting.”

The beauty of this is that you can reverse the process in ParaShoot, and regain access to all of those files. Another benefit of this workflow is that if you ever put back a card in a camera and don’t get the initialize option, that card probably wasn’t copied.

As long as a card is in Limbo between a completed offload and reusing it in-camera, with ParaShoot you have added a safety measure to your workflow.

How it works

When enabled, Hedge tells ParaShoot when a Source is copied successfully. ParaShoot will then scan a pre-set backup location to see if all the files were indeed copied, and ask for confirmation:

If you transferred just a selection or folder, you get a friendly heads-up of the files that seem to be missing. If used with DSLRs, this could very well be a list of camera-specific metadata that you don’t need, or want. Make sure to review it before erasing.

Since ejecting is now handled by ParaShoot, enabling this integration overrides auto-eject in Hedge.


Integrations are not a replacement for Scripts; Scripts are a kind of integration. For simple use cases, integrations are much easier to use — they’re set and forget. If you need custom settings or need to combine actions with multiple apps, AppleScript is still your friend.


Do you have apps that are a staple to your workflow, and would make sense to integrate with Hedge? Let us know, and we’ll reach out to the developers.

The ParaShoot integration is available in Hedge 17.13.