Mojave vs. High Sierra

Mountains vs. Deserts

9 months ago, amidst all the High Sierra beta troubles, we found ourselves forced to block Hedge from being used with 10.13 until there was a proper Gold Master:

It’s time for an official policy:
• When Apple or Microsoft releases a beta OS, we’ll release an unaltered beta, without the blocker.
• It won’t be possible to run the stable release of Hedge on beta OSs.
• We start working on the new OS when the GM is released, not before.
• If something needs widespread testing, we’ll release another beta.
• We release an official update on the day of the OS release

This year, not so much. The first beta of 10.14 Mojave seems to be pretty good. So we can alter last year’s policy a bit:

  • Hedge now warns you when you run it on an unsupported OS.
  • If something needs widespread testing, we’ll release a beta.
  • On the day of the OS release, we’ll do the offical update.


See you next year; I’m putting my money on “Sequoia” for 10.14 🙃

Well, that clearly didn’t work out. 10.15 Yuma?