Integration #2: Foolcat

Create reports on the fly, with Hedge & foolcat

Integration #2: Foolcat

Create reports on the fly, with Hedge & foolcat

We end 2017 with a very useful integration for Hedge for Mac: automatically create PDF reports with thumbnails with foolcat.

Most RED users will already be familiar with foolcontrol, and its reporting sibling is just as powerful and simple — only not limited to RED 👍

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Setting up

Creating a report with foolcat is normally something you do just once per production, when everything’s done. By integrating foolcat with Hedge, you can now create reports per offload, whether it’s a single roll or a complete travel disk you’re cloning. It also becomes possible to automatically create reports for, and on, each Destination, saving you from copy/paste hassle.

To set up this integration, think about if you want to save all your reports locally or on the destinations, and if you need reports for everything or just for your one copy of your source material.

  • Create reports for Transfers to disks named…

Hedge will tell foolcat to create a report, only if a transfer was succesful, and only if that Destination is listed. If you always work with a central RAID as main destination, define it here. If you always want a report, for every transfer, use * as a wildcard.

  • Location

Here, you tell foolcat where to save your reports. On each Destination in the Project Folder, or single centralized location like Desktop.

  • Catalog name & Description

Pretty self-explanatory: the name of the catalog that foolcat creates, and its description. If no name is set, foolcat uses foolcat.

foolcat Preferences

Inside foolcat you can set metadata to go with your reports. It has two optional overrides, to include your own logo in the report and to enforce a single destination for the reports.

Foolcat can create catalogs in the background, and queues all transfers sent by Hedge.

All set up? Then this is Hedge with foolcat in action:

The end result of this one-clip offload:

Hedge’s integration with foolcat is available in 17.14, and you’ll need foolcat 5.80 ✨