Mimiq for Quantum StorNext

Mimiq for Quantum StorNext
Workspaces on Mimiq Pro & Quantum

Mimiq has long since been established as the go-to solution for Avid editors and post-production facilities that want to make full use of Avid's collaboration functionality on non-Avid storage. Now, Mimiq Pro brings Media Composer's seminal bin-locking and workspace shares features to Quantum StorNext.

Historically, facilities running StorNext shared storage solutions support Avid editorial teams also needed to invest in Nexis hardware to sit in tandem next to their high-performance StorNext environment. Thanks to Mimiq Pro’s new Workspaces functionality, that's no longer the case; StorNext volumes can now be used to both serve media and to offer bin-locking to every editor working with Media Composer.


Shared storage typically comes in two flavors: SAN and NAS. Where NAS uses network protocols, SAN offers block-based file access, offering a lot more disk speed and more importantly, network bandwidth. However Avid's ecosystem has solely been built around a NAS paradigm and despite SAN architectures being the preferred choice of most post-production facilities due to the exceptional performance and low latency, they've been out of the picture for native Media Composer collaboration.

Now, Mimiq Pro's Workspaces remove that hurdle; a Workspace turns a folder on a StorNext volume into a volume of its own, one that's compatible with Media Composer. Multiple Workspaces can be set up and used by multiple editors, allowing for a workflow that's identical to Nexis workflows - combined with the performance and flexibility a StorNext installation offers.

Andy LeSage, VP of Worldwide Sales Engineering for Quantum: “The team at Hedge is well known for developing powerful workflow tools that surprise and delight media creators and editors. We’re excited that Mimiq Pro’s bin-locking solution supports Quantum StorNext volumes, allowing editing teams and post-production facilities everywhere to integrate Avid editing capability in their production environments.”

Editors and post-production facilities can now easily add Avid Media Composer projects to their shared storage environments powered by Quantum StorNext. Through Workspaces, it's easy to set up shared folders and mounts for Avid Media Composer and run Media Composer alongside other NLEs right on the same infrastructure. This unlocks the ability for these teams to migrate older projects off of aging storage, archive and retrieve completed projects within StorNext and dramatically streamline their operations.

Avid, anywhere

Workspaces for StorNext is available in Mimiq Pro, as a perpetual license with 12 months of updates of support included. Licenses are cross-platform, and work on both Windows and macOS. Activations can be managed online and remote via Hedge's License Manager website. Options for on-prem license servers and floating licenses are available, as is offline activation later in 2023.

Thanks to Mimiq Pro, every StorNext installation can become a fully functional Avid facility without having to invest in additional hardware or server administration. Due to Mimiq's client side nature, rolling out bin-locking to StorNext customers has never been this easy.

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