Transfer straight into

with Hedge’s new integration

Transfer straight into

…with Hedge’s new integration.

Last year’s Foolcat and Parashoot integrations have been quite the success, so we’re adding a few more to Hedge. First up is

If you’re not familiar with it lets you and your clients share, review, and annotate clips, making feedback a breeze. Go check it out, it will make your life easier.

Straight to cloud

Because can store media files for you in their cloud, uploading proxies directly to is done pretty often. Imagine you’re shooting a commercial, and your customer can watch along with the shots as they’re being offloaded, annotated, and have the editor work directly from the proxies you just uploaded. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? is built on top of AWS S3 and Glacier, and as such acceleration is a hot topic. Many cloud vendors offer accelerated uploaders, and is no exception: their macOS app is by far the fastest way to get media into

At Hedge, we dislike reinventing the wheel, and there’s not much use in trying to recreate an uploader. Especially not when it’s already stellar and comes with watch folders 😲

Watch Folders did something quite smart with their macOS app: as long as you’re working on a project, chances are you’ll have a local copy of the footage. The footage will most likely be available when not yet done uploading. Therefore, because it is a one-way sync, watch folders are an elegant mechanism to automate uploads and resume them if needed.’s watch folders can live everywhere, on every drive you have connected, so setting one up for each project is a breeze. Why make life harder?

The Integration

Hedge automatically detects if you have the app installed and if any watch folders are set up. If so, Hedge will show you each watch folder as a discrete Destination-only disk:

If not, or if anything is not set up correctly in the app, you’ll know directly within Hedge. Because you’re basically doing a local transfer, you get all of Hedge’s copy goodness, and all of’s upload goodness. Best of both worlds 😁

The integration is available for Hedge on macOS, in the new 19.2 update. Fire up your in-app updater or download a fresh copy from our site.